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We are continuing to meet in person

11am each Sunday.

Masks and distancing are still part of church life,

So, if you would like to join us, please book in or request a zoom link, by emailing chris.screen@lifewellchurch.org.uk

For full details see the Startback guidelines

below or click here.

Check out our Lifewell online page for online content and links and check out our

Newsletter Page for more information.

keep an eye on our Facebook page YouTube channel, Instagram and this website for our online content.

Please continue to stand with us in prayer for the worldwide situation.

Startback Guidelines

> People with Covid-19 symptoms are to follow isolation and testing guidelines.

> Masks are required

> 2M social distancing is in place

> Seating will be limited, so we need you to book in in advance by 10am each Sunday by emailing chris.screen@lifewellchurch.org.uk .

> A zoom link will still be available for those unable or not ready to attend.

> Hand sanitiser to be used on entry and as required

> Please bring your own Bible/notepad/pen/drink etc as shared items are not permitted

> Communion will be provided via individual single use fellowship cups (Please collect on entry if you would like to join in communion).

> Singing is permitted providing masks are worn.

> Please continue to give online or use the basket at the back on way out.

> Times of fellowship will have to be limited (Please respect social distancing before, during and after the service).