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We are back meeting in person 11am every Sunday.

If you would like to join us or if you would like to request a zoom link, please email

See Startback guidelines for full details.

We will continue to use this page, our youtube channel, facebook page and Instagram

to share information and content. 

Please continue to stand with us in prayer for the worldwide situation.

Rebuilding Community!!!

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 Sun 28 11 21

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Rebuilding Community

Youth Talk.

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Enjoy! Stay safe and keep praying!!!

Lenny talks about

Building Community!!!


Prayer Points

Please take time today and every day,

to pray for the Worldwide Coronavirus situation.

Pray for Governments and leaders making decisions to rebuild the future.

Pray for the doctors, nurses, carers, teachers, supermarket workers and delivery drivers as they work under the ongoing restrictions and pressures.

Pray for those who have been affected by the virus, whether personally or a loved one. 

Pray for those facing employment and financial difficulties as a result of this time.

Pray for people worldwide as they handle the aftermath of COVID..

Pray for ongoing protection for our friends, family & neighbours...

Pray that we as a world would come through this with a stronger sense of community.

Pray that people all around our world would find God in and through this challenge.


This is a challenging financial time for everyone but if you would like to give to Lifewell Church.  

Please use your Banking App or contact your Bank with the following details:

Lifewell Church

Sort Code : 208441

Account No : 50707864


or send a cheque made payable to 'Lifewell Church'


Lifewell Church

Pentremalwed Road, Morriston, 

Swansea.  SA6 7BP

*If you are a taxpayer and would like to gift aid your donation, please complete and return the form below and include your name in the reference.  Please return the form by post or email it to  

Thank you!!!