About Us

About LifeWell Church Morriston...

Our Vision...






...The LIFE & LOVE found in JESUS!!!



“Whoever drinks the water I give him

will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him

 a spring of water welling up to eternal life”.

John 4:14 [NIV]

In al that we do, we want to... 

Love Father God - Love Life - Love Others - Live Worship

Knowing God - Finding Freedom - Discovering Purpose - Making a Difference

Meet the Team...

Lifewell Church seeks to be a team where everyone plays a part.

Here you can meet a few of them.

Meet Chris!

Chris Screen is the Pastor at Lifewell Church. Chris has a passion for seeing people of all ages grow to know and experience God in their lives.  Chris has been serving on team at what is now Lifewell Church for over 20 years and as Pastor Since 2005. Chris is married to Liz and they have three children.

Meet Sue!

Sue serves on team with our children’s and youth work.  Sue loves to cook and is an asset to our team at Lifewell Church.

Meet Liz!

Liz leads worship and heads up the Children’s work at Lifewell Church.  Liz also serves on team with the youthwork at Lifewell Church.   Liz also teaches full time in a school for pupils with special needs.

Meet Ruth!

Ruth serves as a trustee and with the children’s and youth work.  Ruth is married with five children and works in a local comprehensive school. 

Meet Mike!

Mike serves on the leadership team and is our treasurer and has served at Lifewell Church for over 40 years.  

Meet Cath!

Cath serves on team with our children and youth work and plays a key role in keeping on top of the administrative tasks that are needed at Lifewell Church.

Meet The Trustees...

Chris, Mike and Ruth are trustees of Lifewell Church and are supported by Brian Farr & Simon Moores who stand alongside them as trustees.

Meet Simon!

Simon Pastored Spring Terrace AOG Church (Swansea) for a number of years and has supported Lifewell Church as Trustee since 2010.  

Meet Brian!

Brian led Parklands Church and ministered regularly at Lifewell Church for many years and has supported Lifewell Church as Trustee since 2010.  Brian is married with two grown up children. 

Our History...

Lifewell Church was founded in 1923 following Stephen Jeffreys visit to Morriston.

It was estimated that 600-700 people became Christians during that campaign.

A Hall (of timber and corrugated iron) was erected - the Mission Hall in Pentremalwed Road. 

In May, 1954, work began on a new purpose built brick building, which was completed in 1957.

Our existence is a testimony of God's power to save in Morriston.

During the comparatively short life of our Church, God has never left us or forsaken us,

but is "the same yesterday and today and forever."

For much of its life, Lifewell Church has been known as Pentremalwed Church.

However, in 2013, we as a church were impacted with the events recorded in John 4,

where a woman met Jesus at a well and had her life changed.

This resulted in the church charting a new vision and taking on the new name of 'Lifewell Church'.


Lifewell Church

Pentremalwed Road,