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November 2020

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work..” 

2 Timothy 3:16-17 [NIV]




  11:00am Lifewell Service

  (at Lifewell Church and zoom)

  1ST & 8TH NOVEMBER 2020 – Zoom ONLY!

  Please book in or request zoom link by


  or texting 07983727599 by 9am each Sunday.

  Please make every effort to be seated by 11am.


  Videos continue to be available on our

  Website, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram

  Youtube Playlist includes Worship videos



   7:00pm – Life Group Zoom Meeting

  Praise, Prayer & Bible Study



  7:00pm – R-Gen Zoom Meeting

  Plus video available on our Website, YouTube,

Facebook & Instagram.



Can be found on





Facebook - YouTube - Instagram



We are a non-denominational Christian organisation, seeking to lift up the name of Jesus in all we do to bless His Jewish brethren and share the message of His love both for Israel and the Church.  Jews in the past have suffered great persecution in the name of Christ, we seek to show them real friendship and love in His name.

So, we are Christians who love Israel and its peoples and believe that God has a special place for them in His Kingdom purposes before the return of Messiah.

1. Blessing Israel - We seek to break down barriers and build bridges of genuine friendship with Israel and the UK Jewish community. Relationship leads to reconciliation and mutual understanding. Today as anti-Semitism again rises world-wide, Israel and Jewish people are deeply touched by Christian solidarity and support.2. Serving The Church - Making the connection - in previous generations many Christians understood the importance of Israel`s restoration in God`s Kingdom purposes and actively promoted it, today this legacy has largely been lost. There is great ignorance, impoverishing the churches. CFI helps Christians understand the biblical relationship between Israel and the Church and reconnect with the Hebraic roots of their faith (Romans 11:16-18).  We also seek to give a truthful and balanced perspective on events in the Middle East and be a prophetic voice bringing `understanding of the times`.


Please pray for Israel and the work and workers of Christian Friends of Israel.


If you would like to give to the work of Lifewell Church, you can give by cheque, bank transfer or standing order.

 The Church Bank account details are : Lifewell Church

Sort Code : 208441.      

Account No : 50707864

Reference : GIFT TO LIFEWELL.(Please Include your name in the reference if you are gift aiding your donation)


If you send donations through the post, please can you write a note detailing the amount in the envelope as we would normally have two people counting the money and a note will help us to make sure all income is tracked and recorded correctly.


If you are a taxpayer, we can receive an extra 25p for every £1 you give by you completing a gift aid form.  The form is available on the Lifewell Online page of our website.  Please download and complete the form and then either send it by email to

or by post to

Lifewell Church.  Pentremalwed Road,

Morriston, Swansea. SA6 7BP.


‘Equipped for every good work….’ There’s a purpose.   We all like to know the purpose.  Children ask WHY? All the time… they want to know the reason and the purpose.  We each have a purpose.  It is for us to discover it and pursue it.  Saul Paul lived with purpose and we are looking at his life and his letters to see the purpose that he calls Christ’s followers to live for.  In our series we will see that Paul calls us to live for God & Eternity, Love & Righteousness!

Living to Worship & Shine, Preach & Reconcile, Serve & Give, Fight & Win.

We are all called to live for these things and yet we each have a different part to play.  Some have a call to children’s work, some to youthwork, some to overseas mission, some to prayer…. The list is endless.  But our time on this earth is not!  And so it is with passion that we are called to discover and pursue our calling… our purpose!!!

There will be challenges.  It won’t just land in our laps… We have to seek, listen and hear God’s call on our lives and respond.  Take steps… make ourselves available, research, train and serve and whatever you do… do it for the glory of God!!!

God has a purpose for you!!!

Will you live to discover it???


Remembrance Sunday is on Sunday 8th Nov 2020.

We are being encouraged to stand on our doorsteps for a 2 minute silence.  I believe that we need to take every opportunity to connect in a visible way with our community at a time when distance is growing!


I want to encourage you to join in the 2 minute silence at 11am Sunday 8th Nov 2020!

Stand on your doorstep in sight of your neighbours.


We will therefore, start our

Sunday Morning Zoom Meeting at

11:05am Sunday 8th Nov 2020


Good News. Great Joy!

For many years we have got involved with the shoebox appeal and this year is no different.  in light of the uncertain lockdown restrictions we would encourage you to pack a box online earlier rather than later to ensure that your shoebox has the best chance of getting to a child this year! You can even include a note and photo to personalise your gift.

With careful modifications to shoebox packing we can ensure that children around the world are still blessed with great joy and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

With a few clicks of your mouse or

swipes on your touchscreen, you

can build a shoebox online. Make

it your own by choosing from a list

of gifts, then add a personal letter

and photo. We'll pack your shoebox

and send it for you for just £15 + £5

project donation per box. Each

shoebox gift built online is a heartfelt expression of God's love to children in need.


Due to the circuit breaker lockdown in Wales, we are back on line from Sunday 25th October through till Sunday 8th November.

Please check out our Lifewell Online page of our website and our youtube channel for online content.  If you would like to join in our Zoom meeting 11am every Sunday, please email Chris at



When we are able to meet again, we will be required to abide by the following guidelines, along with any further guidelines given. We hope to see you soon.  Please read and help us work within the guidelines!

11am Every Sunday

Please book in by emailing

by 9am each Sunday.

Please make every effort to be


for an  

11am start!!!




More details with regards to our next steps, will follow as lockdown measures are lifted or reinforced.

Please continue to pray for the situation as a whole

and for us as a church as we look to start back.


We look forward to gathering again to enjoy and celebrate

the goodness and the faithfulness of our God.

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